FIBA Arbitral Tribunal decisions l


Upon providing both parties with an opportunity to  be heard, having ascertained his 

jurisdiction, and considered the factual and legal arguments as well as the requests for relief 

submitted in this case, the Arbitrator decides as follows:    

1. BC Aris KAE 2003 shall pay Mr. Ivan Paunic a total amount of EUR 

29,800.00 net of taxes plus interest at 5% per annum on such amount from 

30 June 2010 onwards. 

2. BC Aris KAE 2003 shall pay Mr. Ivan Paunic an amount of EUR 3,800.00 as 

reimbursement for his legal fees and expenses. 

3. The costs of this arbitration until the present  Award, which were 

determined by the President of the BAT to be in the amount of EUR 

2,000.00 shall be borne by BC Aris KAE 2003 alone. The balance of the 

Advance on Costs in the amount of EUR 1,488.00 will be reimbursed to Mr. 

Ivan Paunic by the BAT. Accordingly, BC Aris KAE 2003 shall pay Mr. Ivan 

Paunic EUR 2,000.00.  

4. Any arbitration costs associated with a Request  for Reasons (see 

attached Notice) shall be advanced and borne by the requesting party. 

5. Any other or further requests for relief are dismissed

Άραγε ποιος θα είναι ο επόμενος;