In response to ECA’s aggressive and illegal behaviour, it was decided that, with the exception of the 16 Euroleague teams, any National Federation that supports ECA’s illegal tying practices by allowing their leagues or clubs to conclude and/or implement agreements with ECA, or any other entity directly or indirectly linked to it, will automatically lose the right to participate in Senior men national team competitions organised by FIBA Europe.

Πηγή: FIBA Europe Reacts To Euroleague Commercial Assets Abusive Practices

Οι 16 της Ευρωλίγκας εξαιρούνται , το παιχνίδι παίζεται για τους επόμενους κι όλοι για αυτούς παλεύουν.

Για να δούμε που θα βγάλει αυτός ο πόλεμος…

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